Monday, December 08, 2008

material concerns

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It was a day of multiple material concerns (and too much running) at Reston yesterday. I got a good start, but perhaps a paid a karmic price for pimping Andy Gorski pretty good in one of the early turns. I'm all for racing and fighting for position, but I probably didn't need to close the door on him 1 minute into the race when there was plenty of room. I did apologize and open up space in the line for him afterwards.

A couple of minutes later I remounted at the top of the runup and my bike made a nasty sound as one of the brake arms got wedged under the rim. The wheel wouldn't even turn. I messed around with it for a couple of minutes but couldn't get it to budge, so I ran.

Just like that I went from being close to the front, on Gunnar's wheel, and feeling pretty good to all alone way off the back. I would like to think I had a top 10 in my legs, but that's racing. I was a shit show, but I still had fun.

I kept alive my record of never DNF'ing a 'cross race by coming in DFL, but at least I finished. Since I wasn't exactly racing I had time to reflect on the season while I rode the track and waited to get lapped. Yes, this photo was taken during the race. I had just flatted on the last lap and looking at the prospect of running the same long section that I had already run on the first lap.

It really was a very good season for me and I'm already thinking about next year. The transition to Elite Masters went well. Now I need to figure out what I need to do to step it up and find a way into the top 10 at MAC events and consistently top 5 in the MABRA.

I'm relatively new to bike racing (first CX race 2003) so I feel like I'm still improving every year. I'm also becoming more aware of my weaknesses. That's where I'll focus when I started putting together the game plan for 2009.

286 days until Charm City 'Cross (Sunday 9/20/09)



Adam Szczepanski said...

286 Days! yay cross!

nice job this season.

Scott T. said...

I just marked it on my calendar

great year Chris. You are being radically too modest when you say the transition to 1/2/3 Masters went smoothly. You kicked ass and took names. Really impressive.

Anonymous said...


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