Monday, September 28, 2009

Ed Sander Cross Elite Masters Video

video from the Ed Sander Memorial 'Cross - Elite Masters Race

hard hard race
heavy heavy course
going all out just to keep moving forward

peanut butter mud
ankle deep in spots
i'm a mudder but conditions like that still scare me

solid start turned to suffering and survival
timely bike change (thank you teammates in the pit!)
led to a second wind and a hard charge the last two laps
to move up from 8th to 5th

4th was right there
but on the start line I had told Randy there'd be no sprinting today
and I'm a man of my word
plus, I was deep deep deep in the cave at that point ;-)

5th place, last spot on the podium
so that makes 3 podiums the last three years at Ed Sander Cross
and I haven't been around to stand on any of them
but it's all good

balance means getting home to hang with the family
and having balance is good
real good

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