Sunday, March 06, 2005

Baby shower self-portrait

Baby shower self portrait
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Self-portraits are one of the quirky things that we do. Even if there's someone around to snap the photo we always like to get a couple of shots doing the extendo-arm thing.

This one was taken as we were in the middle of opening gifts. We are now loaded up with cool baby gear...thus the happy faces.

We've run out of space in our condo so we're building a house just south of town in Ellicott City. By the end of this year or early 2006 we'll have a lot more space for our 10 bikes and mountains of baby accessories.

Did I mention that we'll be about to hit the mountain bike trails right out of our backyard?
That was a key consideration in searching for a new home...priorities.

Oh, and the schools are great. 8-)

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