Monday, March 28, 2005

I went down to C-ville to do the Jeff Cup

I went down to C-ville to do the Jeff Cup;
My goal was to ride well and not to throw up.

The changing forecast was cause for distress,
First sunny and warm, then a cold rainy mess.

My warm up was brutal,
The first effort felt futile.

A week full of rest
Does not lead to the best.

At staging we dithered;
Tried to drink while we shivered.

When finally we got going
The adrenaline was flowing.

The thrill of the race
And the fast early pace,

Got the blood moving
And the legs felt like grooving!

First time up the hill
Was a pretty big thrill.

My legs felt good,
Better than I'd hoped they would.

Down the rain slick descent
I must have hit a road dent.

'Cause my full bottle of Extran
Ejected and ran!

Oh me, Oh my...
I'm going to run dry.

With only half a bottle
I can't go full throttle.

Through the feed zone we speeded
I begged and I pleaded.

But no one could think
To give me a drink.

I decided to ration
And just race on passion.

The miles ticked by
And the pace remained high.

Some guys had fragile nerves
When anyone would swerve.

On the penultimate lap
The power suddenly sapped;

Sending me from the front to the back
Like a sad, sorry sack.  8-(

I dug in my heels
And chased after the wheels.

Catching back on
Before the pack was gone!

I struggled up the hill
On sheer force of will.

Over the top I stared at the gap;
Heart wanted to ride; Legs wanted to nap

I flew down the hill at incredible speed
Hoping the pack had pulled over and peed!

But try as I might
My legs said good night.

Another Jeff Cup off the back
I'm clearly a hack.

But it could have been worse
I didn't have to see the nurse!

I'll show em who's boss
When it's time to race cross.

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