Thursday, September 15, 2005


Here are some of the things that I witnessed at 'Cross practice last night:

*Blood flowing from multiple locations on multiple individuals.

*A new guy absolutely destroying his saddle on a remount (carbon rails for cross when you weigh 200+ is probably not the best idea).

*Another new guy nearly getting a vasectomy from his saddle on a remount courtesy of a loose saddle bolt.

*Several people doing the one leg hop when their pedals wouldn't let go of their cleat.

*Bernie going all "Celtic Rugby" on the barriers twice. Those boards are now very afraid of him. They are dented and dinged, but still intact.

*Multiple instances of people doing the stop-drop-roll (with bike) instead of dismount-run-remount.

*Morgan working on his New England Secret Start and having to sprint shouldering the bike as penance.

Surprisingly we did not have any huge pile-ups while working on starts, but it's only a matter of time. I'm feeling pretty good, although I now have that right shoulder bruise that will be there until mid-December. It gets really pretty and colorful by late October (after that nasty run-up at Granogue). I'll post a photo then.

Where's my Chimay recovery beverage?

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