Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ramping it up for 'Cross season

Training has been going well and I think my race fitness is starting to come around.
At the Druid Hill training race this Tuesday I had good legs. Our team had the numbers to control the race so we were on the attack early and often making the race hard. I was in a nice break with Mike for a few laps and joined for a couple more by Ryan. It hurt, but we just kept trucking.

The field did a lot of work to bring us back and after that people didn't seem as frisky. I jumped on the hill following another rider going for a prime. I came around him at the line to grab it, though if I had known that Morgan was on my wheel I would have done the leadout and set him up. He rode a fantastic race and he's only 13 years old! He's a strong rider and has a fantastic attitude. Look for him to rock this 'cross season, especially at Nationals.

With 5 laps to go Ryan attacked on the hill and since we were single-file nobody was able to grab his wheel. Mike, Morgan, and I protected his lead the rest of the way by slowing the field and sitting on any attempt to bridge. A couple of guys did a lot of work to try to chase, but with no help it wasn't going to happen.

On the last lap I jumped hard at the base of the hill and got away cleanly, holding it to the line for 2nd place. Morgan had a good shot at 3rd, but was caught behind Mike, who flatted starting the hill. Mike also rode a strong, smart race and would have been right up front at the end if not for the flat. Ryan dieseled away the last 5 laps solo for the win. He's more than ready for that upgrade to cat 3.

I put in some big efforts in the race and seemed to be able to recover pretty well. At times I was suffering, but I always felt like I had more to give and could move around in the pack at will. Hopefully this is a good sign for CX season. The running is also going well. 'Cross practice starts this coming Wednesday so it'll all start to come together then.

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