Thursday, November 10, 2005


'Cross racers enjoy's a well known fact. If you're out on a training ride and the group stops for an espresso you don't have to go with the herd. You have an alternative. There is a beverage made specially for you!

is the German word for Cyclist.

Radler is also the name for a beverage made of half beer and half lemon-lime soda.

Bavarians love their beer and they also love cycling and hiking. The Radler is the compromise.

The Radler was concocted to allow a cyclist to enjoy a light, refreshing brew after climbing a long Alpine pass without getting too shitfaced to ride back down the mountain and make it home safely.

I first experienced the Radler in Bavaria back in 2001. We were having lunch (roasted chicken & potato salad, what else?) and had plans to drink a few later that evening. I didn't want to get a headstart on the festivities so I ordered a Radler. I was a little skeptical of the concept, but I loved it!

In places where the goal is to get stinking drunk (like a beer tent at Oktoberfest), you'll catch a lot of shit for ordering a Radler, but you wouldn't do that anyway.

The Radler hasn't caught on here in the States, but that's ok. A German friend taught me how to make one and it's super easy.

1/2 Pilsner-style beer, like a Bud
1/2 Sprite

The Radler is a great, refreshing drink for the summertime, or anytime you want to enjoy a brew and still be able to ride your bike.


joe said...

in the UK, this is a shandy

Anonymous said...

Awesome..... I prefer to just drink the beer though, it makes me feel faster!