Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Thor's first halloween was yesterday. We dressed him in a bunny jacket, complete with rabbit ears on the hood. He was warm and curious as we sat on the front stoop awaiting the candy seekers. His eyes got wide when he saw some of the costumes, but he didn't seem scared. After an hour or so he did get tired/bored/hungry so we took him back inside for dinner. He dozed off in my lap at the end of his bottle and snoozed for about a half hour. Then it was off to his new high chair for fresh baked squash mixed in rice cereal. He loves the high chair and it looks really comfortable.

For dinner we heated up some leftover white chili and made some amazing Jiffy cornbread muffins. I completely doused the chili with Crystal Hot Siz-auce. That is some good autumn eating.

This morning I went to the gym to get an hour of zone 2 on the spin bike. The legs felt pretty good, though my calf is still tweaked from Granogue. The run-up at Lower Allen could really suck.

So while I'm on the spin bike, listening to some bluegrass on the shuffle, drinking coffee, and reading the WSJ a spin class starts all around me. It's a bit strange having all these people get their bike-aerobics on while I'm chilling and enjoying my morning. Some of the people are really working hard and sweating, but others are barely breathing. I think the instructor needed to get in their face and make 'em work or get out. That's what I'd do if I were a spin instructor. I'd also kick the shaved leg, coffee drinking, newspaper reading guy out of the room unless he got with the program! 8-)

Anyway, riding indoors pretty much sucks, but sometimes you have to do it. I think it's time to start rocking some singlespeed night rides soon.


dk said...

No run-up at Lower Allen this year. The course will cut across that little hill from bottom to top, left to right at approx 45degrees with the barriers on top of the hill in the same direction you would have been jumping back on last year. A little more speed into the barriers this year should make it much more fun. Look for another "natural" dismount elsewhere on the course if the UCI guy ok's it. That being said, Hebe CONSTANTLY tinkers and probably won't finalize anything until Saturday morning. Cool blog. See you Sat.

Chris said...

That's double good news...high speed barriers and no run-up!

megA said...

two hours on a spin bike?? you are so dedicated i could puke.

night riding! i love night riding! rode some good SS/nightriding trails here today--of course, with all the leaves, i'm not sure i could find them again.

missing you!



Chris said...

uhhhhhhh 2hrs on a spin bike is for crazy people. i did 1hr of Zone 2. 8-)

we'll be doing a weekly stealth night ride at Avalon once cross is done. those are so much fun in the winter.

seeya at Natz! how much fun is that gonna be???