Sunday, December 25, 2005

First Christmas

Originally uploaded by cbnystrom.
After a few minutes of wondering what was going on Thor got into the spirit and had fun playing with the wrapping paper and his new wiffle balls. We'll bust out his new bath toys and bubbles later.

He digs his new chair, but he hasn't quite realized that if he lunges forward he'll face plant so we're staying close by until he learns that concept.

Next Christmas there should be a tricycle under the tree. Gotta start 'em young!


Hatch said...

Only a Litespeed Trike will do for that boy

Chris said...

i think you're right...and one of the mini-redline cross bikes when he get a bit older! those things look amazing.

Marc said...

dude your beer chimay gets some props on v-news today:

Chris said...

ha! i saw that. chimay is the tits, as they say...even better after a 'cross.