Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I ate breakfast today!

Hell yeah!

I ate breakfast today!

I've eaten very little since Friday and I'm down about 6 pounds.
That's great for getting ready for beach season, but it sucks the week of 'cross nationals.

So, I ate breakfast today and then not much else.
I'm going to try to eat a baked potato now even though I don't feel hungry at all.
I'm way past the whole getting ill part, but my appetite is gonzo.

Oh well, my body is weak, but my mind is strong.
Even in my depleted state I'm fired up about my first time racing Natz.

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Anonymous said...

try not to panic. form doesn't disappear that quickly. eat as much as you can.

race day, drink lots of drink mix, if you got it. don't spend a lot of time outside, it will be cold.

20 minutes on the trainer. ride the course.

keep the blood sugar up, because it will be attrition in the cold and slow. it will be cold and slow.

see ya in RI!