Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Going to World's

Things have been pretty peaceful quiet here to start the new year.

I've been getting in some time on the bike doing easy miles and a lot of on the bike strength work. That has meant many fun rides on the fixed gear or pushing big gears on the mountain bike. Gym time has been spent doing core exercises to strengthen the lower back, abs, etc.
I'm easing back into the training, but it's going pretty well so far.

Thor continues to amaze us. He learns something new every day. And although he seems to have no interest in crawling he loves to stand up. He needs support for balance, but he's really getting the hang of it. It's still a ways off but he may bypass crawling and go straight to walking.

Using frequent flyer miles I've put together a no frills long weekend trip to see the Cyclocross World Championships in Zeddam, The Netherlands at the end of this month. I'm pretty much going to be winging it with very little plans and a small pack on my back so it's sure to be an adventure.

Obviously, ya gotta plan some of the basics, but flying by the seat of your pants leads to some fun experiences and that is something I really enjoy. I intend to see a few sights, eat some good food, drink some good beer, and watch some world class 'Cross. (And hopefully find a warm place to sleep, but that's not a priority.) I'll have a little bit of time in beautiful Amsterdam, but most of the time will be out in the boonies with a bunch of like-minded 'cross freaks. The US crew promises to hang with the Euro's both on and off the course. I can hardly wait!

I should have plenty of stories and photos to share when I return.


Anonymous said...

Lookin' forward to a good report on the adventure! Don't forget to go berzerk with the Canon over there!

Safe trip,

megA said...


i'm so excited/jealous you are going--i was supposed to go this year, but school is too much and missing one day of class drops your grade! how crazy is that?

enjoy my friend--i'll be in b-more again feb 3 for the bike swap. . .