Friday, April 28, 2006


It's on...

Melanie and I are now registered for the 12 Hours of Lodi Farm next weekend.

We're racing the duo class...though I wouldn't call it racing; more like training and having fun riding the mountain bikes.

This will be my first time pinning on a number since Providence.

I'm looking forward to the action and community of a mountain bike race...and experiencing it with my wife!


Speaking of the word "word", Jazzfest started today. Jazzfest is one of the coolest, most fun things a person can experience. Music, Food, People, Late Nights, and that weird (wonderful!) NOLA vibe. Cheers to the great city of New Orleans! We'll be back soon.



Marc said...

lodi rules. I'll see you this weekend. The course is so fun. It's such a great event. I'm really amped up for it...

Chris said...

Nice! We're really looking forward to the the mtb community vibe...and the riding. See ya there.