Tuesday, June 05, 2007

FM-B, an alternative to Dugast

Now's the time to stock up on tires for 'cross season. In fact, Cyclocrossworld has already gone through a shipment from Dugast. High quality handmade 'cross tubulars are usually in short supply...and for good reason. I rode a set of 34mm Rhino's last season and they were phenomenal.
Good tires help compensate for lack of natural ability and training time! 8-)

Another manufacturer is trying to fill some of the supply shortage. A guy named Francois M. has set up shop. As I understand it he is a former employee of Dugast who has gone out on his own.

Though I haven't heard any first-hand accounts of how the tires ride they appear to be very similar to Dugast tubies in terms of materials and construction.

Check out the website for a look at their cyclocross selections. If I get confirmation that the quality is good I'll be placing an order.

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Jim said...

Think I'll be sticking with my $12 crap-ola Ritcheys. But then I'm rocking a single speed Cross Check and being competitive isn't really a concern. Occasional crashes will simply add to the miasma of pain that makes cross races so memorable.

Can't wait for Charm City...