Tuesday, July 24, 2007

huge balls

Vino has a huge set.

You can tell by the way he rides. He's not afraid to gamble in an effort to win. That's great on the bike, but off the bike it's just sad.

L'Equipe is reporting that he tested positive for homologous blood transfusion after the TT. It's shocking to think that a cyclist heading into this year's Tour de France would cheat in a way that they know is detectable. The dopers don't give a shit about the sport. They have no integrity. They have no conscience.

What good is a victory when you know that you have lied, cheated, and stolen to get it? And if you're only in it for the money there are a lot of much easier ways to make a lot more money. What a waste.


Jim said...

If he's got huge balls, it's only because they were transplanted from somebody else's body, just like his blood - usual caveats about unreliable tests, Dick Pound and French labs notwithstanding.

More screwups in life result from the simple calculation that the rules 'don't apply to me, I'll beat the system somehow,' than from any other possible mistake. We aren't effing invincible. When the hell are these doped out anorexia victims going to get it? Want to lay money - or a couple beers - on when Rasmussen gets popped?

Chris said...

I have a feeling it will be today (Wednesday). I'd put a couple a beers on him getting nailed by Saturday. Whether or not he has doped too many people don't want him to win.

Adam Szczepanski said...

dude - he's from Kazahkstanistan. they only have one Borat.

hmmm. did you read the quote that if he had used his fathers blood he would have tested positive for vodka? too funny.

he'd be growing potatoes if he weren't cycling.

if he were from Estonia, now that would be a different story.

Chris said...

Le Tour is nothing if not entertaining.

I read today that something like 1/4 of Kazak teenagers are addicted to drugs. Vino is setting a great example.

Jim - Just let me know when I can collect my beers.


Jim said...

Hah, Rasmussen didn't give me a chance to get my bet in. It's like the mark in The Sting.

Anyhow, my bet is he was popped two weeks ago, or as good as popped for missing a doping control then lying about his whereabouts, but the team won't yank him until six hours ago. There. I win.

You can collect at Chahm City, hon. I'll be the fat guy crying in the sandpit.

Oh yeah, and how the hell hard do you have to crash, to get somebody else's blood in your body? What a crock o' shite.