Monday, July 30, 2007

invisible man

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I've often wondered if cycling had a way of imparting special powers on its practitioners. I think that invisibility is one such power (at least when it comes to drivers of motor vehicles).

I've been a bit out of commission, but I'm back. I was out on the afternoon of Sunday 7/29 on the cross bike looking to get in some miles riding the BWI Airport loop followed by a few EC Hills.

As I approached a (GREEN) traffic light just before reaching the bike path a car turned left in front
of me. Rather than go through their windshield I swerved and avoided
the head-on impact.

I narrowly avoided the car, but I lost traction while taking
evasive maneuvers. I was on a downhill and going reasonably fast. When my bike went out from under me I ended up sliding across the road on my back
slamming my head (helmet) into curb. My helmet is toast, but it saved

The next thing I remember was 'waking up' in the ambulance on a back
board on the way to Shock Trauma.

I got the full Shock Trauma treatment....Shock Trauma "handshake" i.e. finger up the butt, x-rays, cat scan, etc. Luckily everything checked out and I was out of there in just under 4 hours. This morning I've got scrapes and bruises on my back and elbows, a sore neck, sore chest, and a headache.

I picked up my bike from the police the next day. Apart from scraped and misaligned brake levers the bike was fine. The police were nice, but not so helpful. I had hoped they would be able to answer some questions like did the driver stop? who called 911?, etc. No dice. The report had already been sent off to the archives at HQ. Now I'm paying $10 to request a copy.

I'm lucky that I'm ok. I needed a new helmet & cell phone, but aside from a temporary sore neck and chest I ended up no worse for wear.

Be safe out there and use your invisibility wisely. The world is full of asshole drivers.

Better yet, stick to the trails.


John said...

Glad you're ok. Cops, cars, and ambulances never mix well with bikes.

MRussell said...

damn, glad you came away with only bumps and bruises and nothing more serious.

Get yourself healed and ready for 'cross.

Kim said...

too many peers/family/friends have been involved in such incidents, these past two seasons especially (some lucky & unscathed, others still not fully recovered)...
Makes me think twice about heading out on my own.
Stay safe!

Adam Szczepanski said...

ef yeah. stay on the trails.

I hope you feel better and heal quickly.

Jim said...

Good to hear you're doing well.

Agreed - lot of wretched cage operators out there. Nothing I can say about that but be careful.

gwadzilla said...

glad you are okay

that photograph scared me

not a pretty picture

then the imagery of the finger up the butt
well... TMI!

I thought this was a family blog
not the screen play for the sequel to Nurse Nancy