Friday, August 10, 2007

cyclocross by moonlight (seeing stars)

Out the door before 5:30 this morning
portable PVC hurdle in my pack
over and over
in the meager light on either side of sunrise.

I was pretty fired up by this skills session.
How many people are crazy (dumb) enough to do
cyclocross drills at the ass-crack of dawn?

I felt superior momentarily.
And then I did some gravel surfing...
On my face.

That turned my smile into a frown.

All good.
It makes me look tough.
Or it makes me look like I don't know how to ride my bike.

Helmets are getting expensive.
But given the alternative I suppose they are pretty cheap.
In any event, I can't afford to keep buying a new one every week.
I just picked up this beauty at lunch today.

pink giro atmos

I'm hoping for some fatmarc mojo with the pink lid.

Thanks to Greg at Mud and Cowbells for the pvc hurdle inspiration/how-to!
His blog is a must-read for 'cross freaks.


Greg said...


This post made me smile. That early AM pic of the PVC's and the bike is priceless. On, off, on, off,on, off,on, off,on, off,on, off,.

Keep it up brother.

Jim said...

Nice hemmet, Chris. It's okay to be fast, but style counts too. I think the Squadra will be ramping up our cross practice soon too... so you're not the only person eyeballing dawn's ass crack during cross practice. I prefer to think of practice as going all Mr. Miyagi on Cross's ass - Jim on, Jim off, Daniel-san. Then suddenly I'll be very good and realize the wisdom behind all the stupid mount/dismount/crash-on-the-soggy-off-camber -turn repetition. Either that, or I'm getting ready for Charm City to do to me what the Cobras would have done to Daniel-san in real life.

Marc said...

dude that's funny, I'm going with a chris nystrom all black like johnny cash outfit this fall!

see you next weds!