Monday, August 06, 2007

I will take poo poo truck!

So my 2 year old is quite the linguist. His vocabulary is taking off and he's even putting together some full sentences. Clearly he's a product of his environment. 8-)

Some of the things he's said recently...

Dada crash bike, fall down. Ouch. Boo boo. (he knows)

I will take poo-poo truck! And pee-pee too. (while standing on top of his toy potty)

Bike race! Go fast! (every day during Le Tour)

Huuuuuuge poo. (every day)

Eaaaaaat!!!!!!! (he shares our love of Mexican food)

I will make cakes. (he mixes up a mean pancake)

Grandma truck, Mama truck, Dada truck (to be called truck is a high honor)

Here he is using a hammer to "fix" the bike that the Posner's gave him last year.
He really enjoys hanging out with me in the shop doing bike maintenance.

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gwadzilla said...

kids are amazing

they say it goes fast
they are not kidding

I can not recall when my older son was that age

the other day my younger son at three said to me as I got out of the pool...

dad, I am sorry about you hurting your knee in the bike race
but I just do not want to see it

as he turned his head away and put his hand up in that "talk to the hand" sort of way that I would see on The View... if I watched The View

sure enough
my wound was all water logged and gross