Sunday, May 08, 2005

Afternoon city ride


afternoon city ride

This is a shot of Baltimore taken from the dock at Tide Point. I got out for an hour ride around the city. I scoped out the new Bike Jam course at Patterson Park, doing a few sprints and efforts up the hill. Then I cruised back around the Harbor and out to Fort McHenry before heading back home. As you can tell by the water in the photo it was windy, but the warm temps made it a very enjoyable ride.

I'm trying to find my legs for the Poolesville Road Race after 2 weeks of no riding and minimal sleeping. The legs are still in slumber mode and hurt when I really push it, but hopefully some hard efforts on the Tuesday Ronde will get me opened up and going for the weekend.

Check out for live streaming coverage of the Giro d'Italia. For only $5.95 you get access to live weekday coverage online. The feed is fantastic and the price is right!

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