Sunday, May 01, 2005


Up until this year I've been going to Jazzfest in New Orleans every year since 1996, except for 1998 when we went to France to get engaged. Melanie has been every year since 1999. For us, the first weekend in May means that we'll be in New Orleans.

This is the weekend we would have been at the 'Fest listening to great music, eating a lot of rich food, and staying up all night. Jazzfest also ends up being a well-timed break from the bike after a long Winter of training and a Spring of racing. After recovering from a weekend of partying in NOLA I'm always extra motivated to get back on the bike.

Well, this year with a newborn we've been staying all night, having a great time, and not riding the bike, but in a different setting. The staying up all night hasn't been too bad so far. Maybe it's because my body is conditioned to operate on little sleep every year on this weekend?

Eventually we'll settle into a rhythm and get back on the bikes, albeit with a lot more planning and coordinating of schedules than before. 8-) And next year we'll be back to New Orleans for another sleepless weekend of fun, food, and tunes at Jazzfest.

Yeah, you right!

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