Sunday, May 22, 2005

Baby Blogging

Baby Blogging
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This is a pretty common situation these days...Thor and I chilling on the couch listening to music or watching an old cycling video (we both enjoyed the '04 Koppenburg 'Cross race) and goofing around on the iBook.

I got out for a 3 hour ride yesterday, the longest since pre-baby. It was a beautiful day and the legs felt good. With my training hours way down I've been doing shorter, high intensity rides whenever possible. It was nice to get out for a longer, mellow ride. We still did some hard efforts, but mostly we were chatting and enjoying the day.

I might even get out on the mtb later today...that would be a real treat.

For now, Thor and I are hanging out enjoying some coffee, listening to Medeski, Martin & Wood and reading the live updates from the Giro...nice sunday morning.

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