Saturday, June 18, 2005

Curtis Leschyshyn in Velonews

This is a photo of Curtis Leschyshyn, Me, & Radek Bonk hanging out at the cafe/resto near the summit of the col du Glandon during the 2004 Tour de France.

Curtis and Radek are NHL stars who had some time on their hands due to the impending NHL lockout. They're both great guys. We had a lot of fun talking bikes and hearing their war stories from the NHL. They're also cycling freaks and really strong riders.

I played a lot of hockey and followed the NHL growing up. Now my athletic focus is on cycling. Thus, it was a real treat for me to spend some time with a couple of NHL cyclists.

Check out the latest (June 20, 2005) issue of Velonews for a Q&A with Curtis Leschyshyn on page 14. With a season off from playing hockey it seems that he spent a lot of time riding and racing his bike.

While riding with him in France I could tell that he was very strong so it's cool to hear that he has done well racing, including winning 2 stages of the Excel Sports Boulder Stage Race in the cat. 4's. He used to play for the Colorado Avalanche and that's where he and his family have settled down.

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megA said...


check this too--mike richter (rangers, i think) did collegiate races for Yale this spring (why not get a degree while on lockout?) and eric weinrich (st. louis blues) is racing cat 5 races in maine this summer--and winning by 2 plus minutes!!!

fun stuff!