Thursday, June 09, 2005


While listening to the legendary 4/3/96 Widespread Panic show from Huntsville, AL I found myself contemplating a few verses from that evening's version of "Arleen". Specifically, I focused on a few lines of Van Morrison's "Satisfied" channeled through JB in the midst of the "Arleen" jam.

"Go to the mountain
Come back to the city
Where a whole lot of things
Don't look very pretty
Spiritual hunger and spiritual thirst
But you got to change it
On the inside first
To be satisfied
To be satisfied"

Initially this struck me as rather bleak and dark. However, after studying more lyrics (that JB doesn't rap) from the original song I see it as more hopeful.

"Talkin' to my baby now
I'm satisfied
With my world
Cause I made it
The way it is.
Satisfied (Satisfied.)

I like the idea that you can shape your world the way that you want it. In fact, you must take responsibility for your actions and your world.

"You know, baby, cause and effect
I got my karma from here right to New York"

Cause and Effect. Everything you do has an impact on you and your world.
Pretty heavy stuff & uplifting when you look at it with a positive frame of mind.

Good tunes, good times.

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