Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Time to run


I did my first run of the year last night. It was barely 15 minutes and it hurt.
Since my road season is done I'm starting the running earlier than usual.
My goal is to get a good base of easy runs so that I can do some good hill/stair sprint workouts as we get closer to 'cross season.

'Cross is all about saving little bits of time every lap. You can do that by making improvements in various areas: cycling fitness, bike handling, 'cross technique, and running fitness. To do well at 'cross you really have to train each of these. Weaknesses get exposed pretty quickly in a 'cross race.

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Marc said...

just got my long sleeve skin suit for cross season yesterday, have a new frame on lay away... I've been having fun mtb racing, but keeping cross close to my heart/mind. Big Bear was a good single speed course, rigid was not to bad, but I have grown to enjoy my rebas... I'll do that race again next year for sure...