Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Charm City CX is up on Bike Reg

Registration is open for Charm City 'Cross at Bike Reg.
The race is Sunday 9/24/06 in Baltimore, MD at Druid Hill Park.
Old-time hockey, Eddie Shore...Toe Blake.
Plenty o' twists, turns, dismounts, & fast too.
Channel your inner Belgian and come to Charm City for the race & stay for the weirdness.

Registration order will be a factor in staging order (after UCI points, last year's final MABRA standings, and a couple of discretionary call up's) so sign up today!

Sand pit Dutch-style
CCC sand sprint


gwadzilla said...

maybe I better suck it up and register for this as well

if I let the season start without me
it may pass without me

best I get my ass kicked early

Chris said...

Your 'Bro is registered...get on it! 8-)
'Cross season is short and sweet.
Take advantage of the races that are close to home...most of which are early season.