Sunday, January 28, 2007

Last lap

Page and Vervecken have a good gap.

Page attacks!!!!!!!
He has a small gap.

My hands are shaking just typing this.

Don't look back Jonathan!

Franzoi is closing the gap to Vervecken and Page.
And the other chasers are close too.

Vervecken is back on Page but he's digging deep.
He passes Page.
Will it come down to a sprint?

Page attacks again!!!!!!!

In the sand.
Page rides it smoothly!!! Yeah!

Not much left.
It's going to be a sprint.

Page in front.
Vervecken right on his wheel.

Lapped rider in the way.
Page still in front.
Vervecken attacks up a short steep rise!

Small gap.

Page needs to dig NOW!
Slick turn.
On the road.

Vervecken wins!
Page 2nd!
Franzoi in 3rd

3 Silver medals for the Americans!

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