Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This morning I stopped outside my protege's door and heard him talking (probably to a stuffed animal). He was practicing new words. I listened to him work on 'crayon'. I'm amazed at how many words he understands. Every day he probably learns 20 or more new words and he understands most everything we say to him. Now he's starting to say more words. Sometimes he'll babble conversationally and other times he'll work on pronouncing specific words. It's a fascinating process! Mind-blowing in fact.

Nathan Spear has the GOODS yet again.
The elite races at this year's 'Cross Worlds were riveting. They are worthy of multiple viewings.
Download the elite men's race here.

Quick rant against the forces of evil
sick of 'em
they weaken organizations, nations, etc.
and they are annoying as shit
how about thinking for yourself and taking the risk to express your own opinion?

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