Monday, January 29, 2007

US 'Cross is riding the wave

Wellens, Nys, & Vervecken hit the deck.
At least Vervecken was able to come back from his uphill endo to ride back to the front and win the jersey. He is a class act and a nice guy. He's even travelled to the US and A to race & support cyclocross. I'm a fan.

- World Cup for the US in October. I hope this comes to fruition, but it doesn't sound like it's a done deal yet. It'll take a lot of money and an immense amount of work to get it done. The announcement and hype should help rally the troops to make it happen. I've been thinking about what Tom Stevens can do to the track at Roger Williams Park to make it more technical. Maybe a dumptruck load of sand? Right now it's too fast and untechnical if conditions are dry.

SSWC07 Singlespeed Worlds are on for September 1st & 2nd in Aviemore, Scotland. IMBA recently gave Scotland an "A" and named it Global Superstar in mountain biking. The Scots are known for their enjoyment of the drink as well. I won't be able to make it, but I predict a good time for those that make the journey.

I got out for a ride with Rita at Avalon on Saturday, but kept it short because we had a babysitter lined up for Sunday morning and a big ride planned. I woke up at 5am to watch the Elite Women's race at CX World's. After watching Katie take Silver I was fired up to ride. Then I poked my head out the door. 40 degrees and light rain. Not only did the trails not freeze up overnight, but the rain was making them worse. I had to settle for a very boring ride on the trainer watching Gunga Din. Ugh. The upside was that I rode during the little guy's name so we had more time to play...that's a workout too! 8-)

CitybikesMike had some cool news about the progress of the proposed skills park at Patapsco.
I'm looking forward to moving some dirt to help out with the construction.

The cold temps have returned so I might be able to get out for a 5am pre-sunrise ride in the morning.

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MRussell said...

Thanks for posting the vid, amazing how fast they are...

Good Stuff at Patapsco, Rich is a great guy to work with.