Sunday, January 13, 2008

70's get down

Last night a diverse crew from the local mountain bike community gathered at Posner world HQ for a celebration of Tracy's 30th and the decade of her birth, the 70's.

Your host, ever the snappy dresser, checking the fondue

A lof of in's, a lot of out's, a lot of 'what-have-you's'

Hot twister action is guaranteed to get a party going

Mel & the Eatough's talking kids & bikes.

Some Outlaw's plotting singlespeed world domination. I'm guessing the NSA was listening in on this conversation.

Hanging the with hostess (and Cheryl Tiegs impersonator) Tracy. Things were getting blurry at this point in the evening. Two and a half beers gets me buzzed these days & I'm cool with that.

Then it was time to get home before the babysitter turned into a pumpkin. It was fun getting out and spending time with a lot of like-minded freaks for an evening. Now if we could just get the trails to dry out so we could ride some dirt. Thanks to Tracy & Jon for hosting a very fun party.

Today was a pretty standard couple of hours on the bike hitting some good climbs and keeping a wary eye out for traffic. I'm ready to get back in the woods.

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