Friday, January 18, 2008

tough sledding

Wednesday and Thursday I rode dawn patrol. Hitting the trails before work makes waking up at 4:50am amazingly attractive. The legs were not so good each day, but perhaps not having anything to eat is to blame. Though I was moving slow I was still very happy to be out in the woods on my bike.

Both rides were fun. Good company, conversation, trash talk, and even a few laughs courtesy of W going for a swim in an icy creek...the same creek that I dunked it in last month.

The snow hit yesterday. Unfortunately, it was a wet snow and the temperatures stayed right around freezing so conditions for a snow ride were (and remain) decidedly sub-optimal. I'm hoping for good conditions Sunday morning when things should be frozen solid. Hopefully, it will be frozen snow and not a layer of ice. We'll see. Low tire pressure and Advil will likely be the themes of the day.

Yesterday, I took advantage of the weather to slide out of work early so that Thor and I could play in the snow. It was so much fun. I felt like a little kid and he IS a little kid so we did all the cool things that little kids do in the snow. Sledding, rolling giant snow boulders, snowball fight, snow angels, learning to eat only the non-yellow snow, and even some shoveling.

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