Tuesday, January 22, 2008

frozen fundra

We had a nice ride on Saturday. Me, Mel, Trevor, Bernie, JohnH, and Tim, most of us on singlespeed's. This was Melanie's first time riding the SS since she was pregnant with Gavin. Fun crew! Bernie was on his new Seven 29er SS and doing it justice with some skillful riding on the slick trails.

The trails were nice. Mostly it was either hard packed snow or frozen dirt.


Nice benchcut on the Ridge Trail.


There's nothing like a snow ride to produce the gigglewatts. The scenery isn't bad either.


The best part of the whole situation was that we got the ride in during nap time and the kids slept the entire time we were out. I wonder if anyone has written a book about time management for cyclists with kids? hmmmmm


mikewest said...

Not sure about the time management, but I do think USAC should try this:
Cat 1 = 1 kid
Cat 2 = 2 kids
Cat 3 = 3 kids
That way, you could race against people with equal handicaps... :)

Anonymous said...

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