Saturday, January 12, 2008

speaking of brothers


My brutha-from-anutha-mutha, Greg from Mud & Cowbells, is over in Belgium living the dream. Check out his blog if you're not already for first hand reports about his experiences racing in the land of beer, frites, and waffles. I didn't have any frites handy at 8am.

Hats off to him for living my mantra, "dream your life, live your dreams".

Life's too short to do anything but that.


PEANUT said...

Have you ever watched someone drink that Kwak beer? it's the funniest damn thing if they are not familiar with the glass it comes in. It looks sort of like an upside-down bulb and if you drink too quickly, it spills all over you. I did it to a friend who visited me in belgium once. It wasn't very nice of me but it sure as hell was funny!!!

Chris said...

I have not, but in college there was a place in Charlottesville that served beer in yard glasses with the wooden stand...definitely easy to pour the beer faster than you can swallow it, not unlike a beer bong! Ahhh the memories. 8-)

That bottle of Kwak is still in the pantry. Perhaps I'll open it up on Sunday if Vervecken wins.