Monday, October 03, 2005

Congrats Poz and Tracy!

On Friday we had the pleasure to attend the wedding of Tracy Griffith and Jon "Poz" Posner at The Gramercy Mansion here in Baltimore. Poz and Tracy are two of the nicest, coolest people we know and they make a wonderful couple.

The entire event was beautiful and the food was incredible. The teriyaki glazed salmon and the mashed potato-in-martini-glass bar were the two highlights. Certain individuals enjoyed the signature appletini beverages to the fullest extent, but I was doing the driving so I stuck with water.

There was a fun collection of mountain biking people in attendance, including Chris Eatough and Jeremiah Bishop. We sat at the "Joe's Bike Shop" table and swapped stories with Joe, Katie, Roger Bird, David Duval, and other assorted characters. It was nice to get out for a date night and enjoy some revelry with such good company.

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