Tuesday, October 25, 2005

slipping and sliding down the hill

Slippery hill lap 1

Dennis Smith www.dennisbike.com snapped this shot of the first lap of the B race at Granogue. There's carnage in front and carnage behind, but I made it through cleanly. I would have my own carnage later on in the race.


Hatch said...

Come on Chris, that looks like the backside of the Panorama race in Cville. That high tech bike you got should handle it.


Chris said...

Well Ryan Trebon, Mark McCormack, Tim Johnson, et al were hanging a foot out and sliding sideways at times during the pro race so I feel pretty good about the way that me and my new Italian ride handled it. 8-)

After riding the Alan a couple more times since Saturday I can safely say that it rocks...super stiff and it corners like a sports car.

Photos usually don't do justice to the slope and camber of a hill, but in this one I count at least 4 people off their bikes so that should give you some idea of the treacherousness of the hill.