Thursday, October 06, 2005

Vegas MTB ride

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I had to go to Vegas for a quick work trip. Since I had the morning free on Thursday I rented a car and drove out to Blue Diamond, next to Red Rock Canyon. I rented a bike at McGhie's Bike Outpost and explored the network of trails. McGhie's hooked me up with a Trek Fuel 98. With the carbon frame this bike was light and climbed really well. I had brought my helmet, camelbak, shoes, and pedals so I was all set. I ended up riding for 4 hours, exploring many areas of the canyon, including the Dead Horse Loop and Badger Pass. There was a lot of climbing, but it was mostly gradual and the reward was a long, fast downhill that wound its way back down the canyon. Desert riding is a lot different than what we have around here. The climbs are longer, but not as steep and the technical difficulties are fewer in number. In spots you'll have to deal with a knarly rock section or loose sandy turns, but for the most part the trail just flows. The scenery is quite different as well. It's similar to Fruita, though the trail is a lot less technical and there is minimal exposure. With no trees the views are seemingly unlimited. You can see the trail snaking away for miles in front of you. Though the riding is different it is a complete blast and a fun experience.


Anonymous said...

I just got back from some vegas riding out at Bootleg Canyon. First time riding out west. I think some west coast riders might be in for a surprise when they encounter the rocks and roots on the trails around these parts. It was definitely fun riding out there though. The fact that there is not a tree around has its pros and cons. Like you said, you can see for miles, but there is no relief from the sun. Plus its hard to find a place to pee if the trail is crowded. East v. west coast riding; each is different, neither is better.

Chris said...

Yeah, it's amazing how much different it is, but it's all good. At first I wasn't really getting it, but after about 45 minutes I began to feel the rhythm of the trail.

I enjoy different types of trails, just as I enjoy different types of riding: road, mtb, cross, SS, town cruising.

I'm looking forward to going back out west, but I'm really happy to have the east coast roots, rocks, logs, etc. as my everyday riding.

gwadzilla said...

looks like the any and all of the tour companies can meet the rider's needs!

needs said....

I NEED to get out on some dirt
or at least some off camber grass
I am letting the fall slip away
both cross and mountain!

Chris said...

I went solo and just hoped to not get lost. It seemed to work out just fine though I'm glad I had a full camelbak because 4 hours in the desert was dehydrating.

There's no excuse for not hitting some of the excellent CX races in the mid-atlantic.

This Saturday is at Dupont estate at Granogue in Delaware. That's less than 2 hours from DC!