Thursday, October 27, 2005

herd dementality

Questions that have been gnawing at my brain recently.

Why do we ignore obviously f#cked up situations and act like nothing is wrong?
Because we're afraid of confrontation?
Because we're intimidated by whoever is causing the situation?
Because we lack courage to live our beliefs and do the right thing?
Because we're so afraid of change that we're happier to suffer in silence?

Why do we refuse to implement a practical solution to a problem?
Because it would break tradition?
Because it's always been done a different way?
Do we even want to solve the problem?
WTF is that?

Why are we afraid to think originally?
Because we're afraid of breaking out of the herd?
Because we lack confidence in our ability to think?
Because we'd rather have someone else to the thinking for us?
Because we're afraid of making mistakes?
Because we're afraid of what the herd will think?

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