Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dutch Lesson

This could be useful sometime...

Yikes! Diarree!
Ik at ranzig mayonaise op mijn frites!
Waar de badkamers is?
Haast! Haast!

In English...
Yikes! Diarrhoea!
I ate rancid mayonaise on my frites!
Where are the bathrooms?
Hurry yourself! Hurry yourself!


vonteity said...

If you're wondering who's screaming HAAST! at you in your next 'cross race -- look no further.

Anonymous said...

I once ordered two BLT's with extra mayonaise while on a century ride to Gettysburgh... It wasn't rancid but, a few miles down the road, I deffinitely found myself frightfully panicked and looking for badkamers!