Thursday, September 06, 2007

1 week into it


Yesterday we had some photos taken by Amy Masser at Baby Face Photography in Frederick, MD.

The rest of the set is here. Amy specializes in newborn photography and she does a fantastic job.

I've managed to get out on the trails the past two days. I removed the 20t cog and am now running 32x19 on my 29er. The legs are feeling the harder gear, but I think it'll work out once my lower back gets adjusted to the stress of pushing up the steeper hills.

Riding on little sleep is tough. The first day out I thought I was going to fall over on some of the climbs. I couldn't breathe and my legs were stuffed. As much as that sucked it was still nice being out on the mountain bike.


Jim said...

Nice pic. There's nothing sweeter or nicer than a little kid, and among little kids babies are the absolute best. Treasure the days bro, even the lost sleep. They'll be gone too fast.

FWIW a stovetop espresso maker, little Italian percolator type, helps with the lost sleep. Fine grind the beans, pack the metal filter tight with the coffee, and then only put about 1-1.5 inches water in the bottom. Produces two solid shots of extremely kickin' espresso, strong but not overly bitter. Trader Joe's Italian Roast works *really* well for this.

Seeya at Charm City.

Greg said...

Holy God that is a BEAUTIFUL pic man. CONGRATS!!! Man oh man I remember those days and sleepless nights. Seems like yesterday...literally.

Stress not over the riding thing. It's in there man. Jim is SPOT ON about the Trader Joe's Italian too! One of my favorite blends. We can't get it here in Boulder any more!