Monday, September 24, 2007

Charm City 'Cross morsels


I'll put together a post about Charm City 'Cross 2007 once I recover and get some photos.

The summary:

Amazing teamwork and hard work produced a HUGE day all the way around.
We're already working on how to make next year's race even better (results & other stuff).

The Baltimore Sun did a story about the race. Read it here.
Press release and results (such as they are) at bikereg.

More tales from the dusty cave of pain
-Read about fatmarc's season opening WIN here.
-Reports from Scott & Jake Thompson are here and here.
-Jim, the Unholy Rouleur breaks it down here.
-Gwadzilla with multiple musings.
-Jared has words and video!
-Steevo telling it like it is.

I need a burrito...and a nap.


Scott T. said...

Congrats and thanks to you and your team for putting on a great race at a great venue.

Maybe next year you should call it Charm City Cross--Featuring Global Warming. It was a hot one for sure.

Jim said...

Thanks to you and CCC for putting on a great race. Yeah, the results thing could go better, but I'm not about to throw stones, results are a nightmare on the easiest of days, any gripe I might have is outweighed by my joy at the flood of people rushing into this great sport, and seemingly enjoy the spirit of it.

BTW, nice meeting you in person, and you rode a very good race. Congrats.

gwadzilla said...


thanks again for a great race weekend

what a great way to launch into the Cyclocross season

next year I expect to see young Thor on the line!

after the race my boys ate ALL THE CANDY that was in those goodie bags

next year I think I will give my kids the boxes of NERDS before the race

my son Dean was tanked after his 16 warm up laps
he could have used the NERDS
NERDS are a kids version of Red Bull!

thanks again
great race
another strong finish like that and I am going to start wondering when you move up to the Masters A


gwadzilla said...

it was a proud moment when you guys split the groups of racers by age
then send out the older kids with a hearty GO! and my son and the other 5-6 year olds lunged forward

not sure why my son lost his intensity for the real race

when you guys said GO! he was left sitting there in a cloud of dust

maybe after watching his dad race he thought that is how people start their races

gwadzilla said...

fricken space ball!

young frankenstein was okay

but the whole mel brooks thing was never for me

which is odd

because low brow comedy is the style of my life

Anonymous said...