Sunday, September 09, 2007

Trail hike

Yesterday we went for a walk on some of the Avalon trails. Melanie is jonesing for a ride, but it'll be more than a month before she'll be cleared to ride. She needed a taste of trails to satisfy her craving for singletrack. Here's a short photo essay of our hike.

On the way in from the small Landing Rd trailhead.
Here's the little practice skinny that I built. Freeride for weenies.

Dropping down to the creek you get some fast swoopy turns with some trail-protecting rocks as you transition from the dirt to the water.

Log trail creek...not much rain = not much water in the creek = dry feet

This is one of the many fun logs on the log trail. It's also the toughest as it is on a hill. The rest are not too challenging, but they are good for working on your log-hopping form. East coast baby!

Climbing back up towards Landing. This part of the trail has some nice high speed curves. Of course, they're only high speed when you're going downhill.

Thor walked most of the way, but he wanted a lift for the last part of the climb.

The last log on the log trail (or first, depending on which way you are riding).
Living adjacent to some primo mtb trails is not a luxury, it's an essential.

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