Wednesday, September 26, 2007

forzing impresso!

translated from

Beautifulest victory for David Frattini that prevails Charm City Cross
di Baltimora in the state of Maryland, a contest of medium importance
of the American calendar that has seen to the way between the elites
50 of athletes, more rather nervous contest where it saw the athletes
engages to you on a distance with many handles, ready via is benefits
Frattini to you its companion of Damiani square and Weston Schempf,
the three are remained together for some turn under under the forzing
impresso from the athlete varesino are aliquot and are remained to the
commando the single Frattini followed in second position from Schempf
and in third from Damiani. The positions are then remained invariate
until the term where Frattini has cosi been able to cut the goal to
arms raises.


Jim said...

Impressed highly am I your babelfishing skills of. Transliterator automechanicca most superb coffe machine excellence you.

Pie Iesu Domine. Dona Eis Requiem.

gwadzilla said...

I wonder if they will be racing at the Italian Classic, Tacchino Ciclismo

good luck this weekend!